We offer full 10 Hour days for band recording at £150 or anytime for £20 per Hour.

Many options are available. We can accommodate a full band to record everything in one take or do it in individual takes (layers) for more precision.

The recording studio currently supports up to 32 channels of simultaneous recording.

Live Recording

We offer various options for recording your peformances live at the venue.


Mastering is the final step in transforming your CD before it is replicated.

£30 per disc plus £10 per track.

Addtional master: £10.00 each
Project back up disc: £10.00

Other mastering services:

Minidisc to CD conversion: £30

Audio CD to CD conversion: £30


If you require many discs to be produced we can replicate on site for up to 600 copies



Mixing is also charged at £20 per Hour

The mixing studio is based around Cubase 8 on our Windows platform with potential to mix over 100 channels of audio.

We also have available a range of external DSP and analogue processing.

For bands we prefer to let our mix engineer work with the recording throughout the day and invite back producers and band to add their input in the evening.